Wednesday, May 15, 2019

I was Hacked!!

I was hacked on Facebook last week so they won’t let me back in until I show ID license and I did but now they still won’t let me back in because it keeps giving me the same message and that might be a scam too. So I lost my FB group and page. My computer decided to freeze and not let me back in so I have to go get it fixed and I’m working off my phone and husbands laptop. I know the person that hacked me because my friend took a photo of them and we reported them but he is still up. I don’t feel fb is that safe and I don’t think I’ll start a new group. There isn’t  an easy way to contact Fb either. Very frustrating week with FB and my computer! 

I stopped the submit patterns due to not having a facebook page or group!! I may open it up later! 

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