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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Crochet Easy Ponytail Holder

Crochet Easy Ponytail Holder

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Caron Soft Pink yarn or whatever type of yarn you prefer

Ponytail holder, H hook
I made this ponytail holder for my daughter who needs to wear her hair back when she goes to gymnastics otherwise she likes her hair down. This is an easy pattern and makes your ponytail holder look more fancy!
Slip Stitch onto the ponytail holder. work 35 sc onto the ponytail holder, sl st. If your pony tail holder is small, you may not need that many single crochet around the ponytail holder.
Chain 7, slip stitch into the single crochet space, chain 7, sl st in the same sc space, sl st in the next sc space,
*chain 7, sl st into the sc space, chain 7, sl st in same sc space, sl st in the next sc space, *Repeat until every single crochet have two chain 7 and two slip stitches in each sc. Fasten off.

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