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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Crochet Ski Mask (All Sizes)

Crochet Ski Mask (All Sizes)

Enjoy this Crochet Ski Mask (All Sizes) Pattern!

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Crochet Hat sizes with this Double crochet pattern

Newborn baby head circumference, 13" - 14", Hat height = 5.5 to 6"= D hook, 
Baby 3 to 6 months, Head Cir, 14" - 17 ", Hat height= 6.5 - 7"=E hook, 
baby 6-12 months, 16"-19" head cir., hat length=6.5-7"=F hook,
toddler-preschooler (12 months-3 yrs), 18"-20" head cir., hat length=7" =G hook, 
child 3-10 yrs, head cir., 19"-20 1/2 "", hat length= 7.5"=H hook, 
teens, head cir., 20 1/2"-22", hat length, 7.5-8"=I hook, 
Adult women, 21.5"-22.5", hat length, 8"= J

Red Heart Love Blue

sl st=slip stitch
sc=single crochet
dc=double crochet
 I made this Ski Mask for my almost 8 year old Daughter who want so to be a Ninja! I used an I hook with her, because she has a lot of hair.

I hook
rnd 1: Work 11 dc in a Magic Circle, sl st on top of the chain 3. -11 dc
Crochet a Magic Circle with Double Crochet Video:

rnd 2. ch 3, (Counts as first Dc), dc in same st. as joining, 2dc in each st. around. join with sl st on top of chain 2. -22 sts.
rnd 3. ch 3, (Counts as first Dc), *2dc in next st., dc in the next stitch, repeat from *around, join with sl st. -33 sts.
rnd 4. ch 3, (Counts as first Dc), dc in the next st., 2dc in the next st., *dc in the next two stitches, 2dc in the next stitch, repeat from *around, join with sl st. -44 sts.
rnd 5. ch 3,(Counts as first Dc), dc in the 2 next two sts., 2dc in the next stitch; *dc in the next 3 stitches, 2dc in the next stitch.  repeat from * around, join -55 sts
rnds 6-13. *ch 3,(Counts as first Dc), dc in the next dc in the back loops, and each dc back loop around, sl st, *Repeat this for 8 rounds. st st. Fasten off.
rnd 14. From the back seam (the beg. chain 3's), count 21 dc from the right, sl st with your blue yarn to start again, into the 21st dc back loop from the seam and ch 3, dc in the next back loop, going back to the beg. seam, dc in each dc back loop back to the beg seam (which is 21 dc back loops), continue on past the seam, and dc in the next 21 dc with dc back loops. Stop, you will have 18 dc unworked, (this will be were the eyes will be) Chain 17, sl st onto the other side to the first ch 3 (first dc you started with), past the unworked 18 dc. Fasten off.
rnd 15. to keep the seam in the back , which looks nicer. You will sl st into the back seam, ch 3 to start again, have seam facing you, dc in the next dc back loop to the left and each dc back loop around and dc across the chain 17 (peep hole for the eyes), sl st in beg, ch 3, -59 back loops
rnds 16-23. ch 3, dc in each dc back loop around, sl st, Repeat for 8 rounds, sl st Fasten off.


Foz SMS said...

thank you very much
pattern vety easy and wonderful.

Crochet Jewel said...


Zaneta Grauzz said...

It is really cold in the winters up here in eastern Canada along the ocean coastline. This ski mask is a must have. Will put a lining in it. We get temps as low as -36 Celsius degrees with a horrible wind chill. Thank you for offering this pattern for free.

Maryam said...

have you upload video for ski mask on your youtube channel?

Crochet Jewel said...

no I dont

Cki64 said...

I am having problems with row 14, I am ending up with 13 or 14 unworked dc's instead of 18, Any idea what I am doing wrong?

Crochet Jewel said...

Before that round you have 55 stitches, make sure you follow the directions and count your stitches, but I would have to go to that pattern and make sure there isnt an error.

Teri Moncelle Colglazier said...

THANK YOU for this pattern!!! It was so easy and my grandsons love their hats! I used two strands of medium [4] yarn for extra durability and warmth. One black and one green and the other one black and one blue. They turned out great! Wish I knew how to post a photo of them here. Thank you again!!

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