Thursday, January 19, 2012

How to Crochet a Cow Hat Pattern

This crochet Cow hat is such a cute and easy pattern. I enjoyed making this how-to cow hat pattern. My daughter kept acting like a cow after I made this hat, haha. I love how the eyes turned out and it can make for a cute gift for someone special.

H hook
4 Buttons
I used Red Heart Pink, white, and black yarn

sl st=slip stitch
sc=single crochet
dc=double crochet
dc2tog=double crochet 2 together hdc=half double crochet hdc2tog=half double crochet 2 together

How to Crochet a Double Crochet Hat Video:

I'm switching to a WordPress blog instead of using this Blogger platform for various reasons, so this pattern has been relocated.



paula said...

You design THE CUTEST hats around!

mommajean13 said...


makellar said...

Missed you and your cutest hats!!

needlekrafter said...

Thank you for this cute cow hat. I wish that I could make one of each... they are each adorable and unique.

Unknown said...

After I make this Cow design....I'm going to modify and make a pink Pig for myself. Thank you for offering this free design....your generosity is appreciated.

Anonymous said...

I'm currently on the finishing touches of your hat, and want to post it to my blog. Is it ok if I post the modifications that I made? It's just because I made one of the smaller sizes and the muzzle and eye didn't look right so I made them smaller. I won't put it up until I get the go-ahead from you, though. Cute design, really like it.

amyscrochetpatterns said...

if you want to redo the body in your own pattern and the smaller parts in your own pattern, then fine, but if its all in my pattern and just smaller, I prefer you would just link back to my site only and give me credit, and not post the pattern.

Anonymous said...

Here's how my hat turned out!

Anonymous said...

I made it and love it. Here is my version.

amyscrochetpatterns said...

great, thanks!

Bev said...

I was all set to make this little hat, and was watching the video and when it was time for the second video
I clicked on it and GUESS WHAT????
it was the same as the first one.
So now what.

amyscrochetpatterns said...

ok Bev, Guess What, its fixed

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