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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Crochet Gingerbread Man Hat Pattern

Crochet Gingerbread Man Hat is great for the holidays or just for fun! 

If you tell others about my work, please only link back to my blog, but don't copy my patterns to your site. Also you can sell anything you make from my patterns, but don't sell the free pattern. Thank you!

Newborn Bulky Hat, instead of a D hook, Use a J hook with this pattern:, when the increase stops, then continue the pattern as written in this pattern with the J hook. 

Brown, white, black, and red yarn
I Hook, G hook, Yarn needle

Abbreviations: dc=double crochet sc=single crochet sl st=slip stitch ch=chain, hdc=half double crochet,

I Made this for a Toddler.

How to Crochet a Double Crochet Hat Video:

G hook
brown yarn
rnd 1: Work 11 dc in a Magic Circle, sl st on top of the chain 3. -11 dc
Video on a Double Crochet Magic Circle:

rnd 2. ch 3, (Counts as first Dc), dc in same st. as joining, 2dc in each dc around. join with sl st on top of chain 3. -22 dc
rnd 3. ch 3, (Counts as first Dc), *2dc in next dc, dc in the next dc, Repeat from *around, join with sl st. -33 dc
rnd 4. ch 3, (Counts as first Dc), dc in the next dc, 2dc in the next dc, *dc in the next two dc, 2dc in the next dc, Repeat from *around, join with sl st. -44 dc
rnd 5. ch 3, (Counts as first Dc), dc in the 2 next two dc, 2dc in the next dc, *dc in the next 3 dc, 2dc in the next dc. Repeat from * around, join with sl st. -55 dc
rnds 6-desired length (lengths are listed above), Ch 3, (Counts as first Dc), dc in each dc around, sl st to join. -55 dc, *Repeat to length that is about 7 inches long or to your desired length, Slip stitch.

Ear flaps: If you would like to add ear flaps
Make 2
G hook, brown yarn
1st ear flap, you can slip stitch onto the side of the hat with your brown yarn, begin the dc stitches, (like to have the seam in the back of the hat, so I do the ear flap on the side of the hat).

2nd flap, fold hat in half and sl st in dc directly across from the last dc from the other ear flap. follow directions below for both ear flaps.

Row 1. ch 2. dc in the next 11 dc stitches, turn. -11 sts
Row 2. ch 2. dc2tog. dc in the next 6 stitches. dc2tog. dc in the last st. turn. -9
Row 3. ch 2. dc2tog, dc in the next 4 stitches. dc2tog. dc in the last st., turn. -7
Row 4. ch 2. dc2tog, dc in the next 2 stitches. dc2tog. dc in the last st. turn. -5
Row 5. ch 2. dc2tog twice, dc in last st. cut yarn and pull through -3

The braid from the center of the ear flap at the bottom, G hook, use red and white yarn, with an sl st in the center of the bottom of the ear flap and chain 30, and so st it off and cut yarn.
sc around the edge of the hat with red and white yarn

Optional: White line frosting on top of the hat: white yarn, G hook, chain 85 and sew in the chained line on top of the hat making it bunched up around the hat.

Two buttons, sew them about 2 inches apart above the mouth

Eyelashes: use a yarn needle and sew with black yarn 3 dash lines above the button eyes. do this for each eye.

red yarn
G hook
Rnd 1. ch 2, work 5 sc in the 2nd chain from the hook. sl st. (5sc)
Rnd 2. work 2 sc in each stitch around. sl st. (10sc)
Rnd 3. *work 1 sc in the first stitch, 2sc in the next stitch. *Repeat, sl st. (15sc)
Smile: Use a yarn needle and sew in a smile dash lines from one cheek to the next red circle cheek.he next red circle cheek.

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