Saturday, February 9, 2013

How to Crochet A Sashay Yarn Scarf Pattern Tutorial

This scarf is a breeze to crochet and a great way to add a little elegance to your wardrobe. If you're a beginner crocheter, this scarf is a great project. We'll show you all the tips and tricks required to make a beautiful scarf, from casting on to finishing the scarf. Make sure to watch the video to learn how to crochet this scarf!

I'm switching to a WordPress blog instead of using this Blogger platform for various reasons, so this pattern has been relocated.



Unknown said...

THANKS!! So much easier to understand than other directions I have tried to read, including the ones that came on the "yarn". !!!

Unknown said...

THANKS!! Easiest directions that I have read using the Sashay yarns. I was lost with the ones on the packaging!

Unknown said...

Love your directions, I have one question. Do you sew the two ends together to make a complete circle? Or are you leaving them apart and you are trying it around the neck to form it? Thanks so much!!

amyscrochetpatterns said...

thanks, I left them apart

Unknown said...

Thanks so much easiest direction ever.

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