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Friday, December 5, 2014

How to Crochet a Kitchen Towel Topper

Crochet Kitchen Topper

These Kitchen topper patterns make great gifts or just nice to place around your stove handle to wipe your hands with.

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Kitchen towel
1.9 or around that small size of a hook
H hook
yarn needle
Red Heart Love Brown yarn or what ever kind of yarn you prefer for your towel (Used only .25 of skein of yarn)
Button, 1 inch in size.

To Start:
Take your kitchen towel and fold it in half. Along the top edge of the towel, take the small hook, 1.9 hook and poke a hole with your yarn on the end of the edge of the folded towel and slip stitch and then sc in the same stitch. Poke again about 1/4 of inch next to the first hole and sc again, *Repeat across. The Single Crochet count across may not be the same depending on the size of your towel length. -50 sc
Rnds 2-3: Sc across each sc, *Do this round twice, -50 sc
Rnd 4: Dc in the first two sc, *dc2tog decrease in the next two sc, dc in the next two dc, *Repeat across, -38
Rnd 5-11: Repeat Rnd 4 until you have about 6 to 7 Dc left.  Rnds 12-26: Then *Dc in the next 6 or 7 dc, (This will create a long flap). Turn, *Repeat for about 15 Rounds. Then Fasten off.
Button: In the center of Rnd 5 or 6, Sew in the button in the center. Then take the flap over the button and with the Dc spaces being so large, you can place a button through the holes. 

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Unknown said...

Hi are you suppose to chain 1 for each sc row and chain 2 for dc rows when turning. Thank you

amyscrochetpatterns said...

I didnt for this pattern, but you can, this is an old pattern, so I can see that I should of but I didnt.

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