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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Crochet Mouse Ears Headband

Enjoy this Cute Mickey and Minnie Mouse Headband Pattern! My daughter loves Minnie Mouse and this was perfect for her to wear, but she wouldn't pose for a picture!

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F and G hook
Red Heart Black and Pink yarn

sl st=slip stitch
sc=single crochet
dc=double crochet

**Special Note, if you feel the headband doesn't stay on your child's head, you could just sc halfway down on both sides, and leave the half bottom on both sides unworked. I noticed on my daughter's head, it slipped around some, but it did still stay on her head. So you could omit 20 sc on both sides after reading this pattern.

F hook

Row 1: create a slip knot onto your hook, start at the bottom of the headband and sc across the headband to the other side, sc for a Total of 90 sc. Fasten off.
Ears: G hook, Make 4
Work 10 dc in the Magic circle, sl st -10 dc
Rnd 2: ch 3, (Counts as first Dc), dc in same st. as joining, 2dc in each dc around. join with sl st on top of chain 3. -20 dc
rnd 3. ch 3, (Counts as first Dc), *2dc in next dc, dc in the next dc, Repeat from *around, sc in the last 4 dc sl st, -26 sts 
Sew the two Ears together twice to create two ears.
Attach the Ears: *Count up to 25 sc from the first sc, sl st with your Ear and Sl st in the next 5 stitches of the Ears to the headband. Now on the opposite side of the headband, *Repeat, Fasten off and weave in the ends.
Now If you choose to make the bow, sew the bow in the center of the Ears with your yarn needle.
Bow: G hook
Chain 20, work sc in the 2nd chain from the hook and each sc across, -19 sc
Rows 1-10: sc in each back loop across -19, *Repeat for a total of 10 rounds. Rnd 11: sc around the edge of the bow. Fasten off and weave in the ends.
Take Yarn over the middle of the bow at least 10 times and fasten off. Sew the bow on top of the purse between the ears.

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