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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Crochet Pumpkin Hat Tutorial: How to make the perfect hat for Fall

I made this hat for my 3 year old daughter so she could wear it for the fall months when it gets chilly. She loves pumpkins and I think this hat will look so cute on her. This hat can be done in all sizes.

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Newborn Bulky Hat, instead a D hook, Use a J hook with this pattern:, when the increase stops, then continue the pattern as written in this pattern with the J hook. 
H and G hooks
sl st=slip stitch
sc=single crochet
dc=double crochet
I made this for my Almost 3 year old!
H hook
How to Crochet a Double Crochet Hat Video:
rnd 1: Start with Green yarn, Work 11 dc in a Magic Circle, sl st on top of the chain 3. -11 dc

 rnd 2. ch 3, (Counts as first Dc), dc in same st. as joining, 2dc in each dc around. join with sl st on top of chain 3. -22 dc
rnd 3. ch 3, (Counts as first Dc), *2dc in next dc, dc in the next dc, Repeat from *around, join with sl st. -33 dc
rnd 4. Switch to Orange yarn with a sl st. ch 3, (Counts as first Dc), dc in the next dc, 2dc in the next dc, *dc in the next two dc, 2dc in the next dc, Repeat from *around, join with sl st. -44 dc
rnd 5. ch 3, (Counts as first Dc), dc in the 2 next two dc, 2dc in the next dc, *dc in the next 3 dc, 2dc in the next dc. Repeat from * around, join with sl st. -55 dc
rnds 6-15: ch 3 (Counts as first Dc), Dc in the next dc, *front post dc, dc in the next two dc, *Repeat around, sl st, *Repeat for 11 rounds.
rnds 16-17. *sc in each dc around, sl st, *Repeat twice. Fasten off. Weave in the ends.
Stem: Green yarn, G hook
chain 2, work 5 sc in the 2nd chain from the hook, sl st  5 sc
rnd 2. work 2 sc in each sc around, sl st -10 sc
rnds 3-7. sc in each sc around, *Repeat for 5 rounds. sl st. Fasten off. Attach the stem on top of the hat.
Curly Stem Leaves: Make 2, G hook, Green yarn
chain 16, sc in 2nd chain from the hook, sc in each chain across, Fasten off. Sew both stem leaves on each side of the stem, and curl it with your hook.


Natty said...

I made 3 last year and i just finished making two more. I love this pattern thank you so much for sharing it.

amyscrochetpatterns said...

Glad you liked it!

Unknown said...

Hey Amy, I am about to make this hat for my grandchildren. I don't see the links for the videos listed in the pattern instructions. I have looked on your you tube site and don't see them. Can you help me out please? I am looking for the links to: how to crochet a double crochet hat video and the video on a double crochet magic circle. Thank you for you help!

amyscrochetpatterns said...

Click Here: Crochet Patterns!

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