Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Crochet Cupcake Scarf Tutorial

I was inspired to make this cute Cupcake Scarf from watching Kimmy Gibbler on The Fuller House TV Series on Netflix. She was wearing these fun Cupcake Scarfs so I had to make my own version of it. 
I and F hook 
sc=single crochet
sl st=slip stitch
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Video Cupcake Tutorial:

Cupcake Top: White yarn and I hook (Make 10 or more if you want it longer)
Row 1: In a Magic Circle, work 7 dc. Pull it, and Turn
Row 2: Ch 3, dc in that beginning stitch, work 2 dc in each dc around, -14 dc
Row 4. sc in the beginning stitch, dc, *2 dc in the next, dc in the next, *Repeat across, then dc in the 2nd to last stitch, sc in the last.
Row 5. sc across the bottom, 8 times
The Frosting Shells: in the first sc of Row 5, sl st, then work 4 hdc in that first sc, sl st in the next stitch, work 4 hdc in the next, *Repeat across, and sl st at the end. Fasten off and Weave in the end. You will have 4 Frosting Shells.
Cupcake Bottom: Pink yarn or the yarn color you prefer, F hook (Make 11 or more if you want it longer) You will need one extra bottom for this scarf.
Row 1: ch 13, sc in the 2nd ch from the hook and each ch across, -12 sc Turn
Rows 2-12. *sc in each sc across, Turn *Repeat for a Total of 12 Rows
Cherry, Red yarn, F hook (Make 10 or more for a longer scarf)
Rnd 1. In a Magic Circle, work 5 sc, sl st
Rnd 2: work 2 sc around. work in continual rounds, use your yarn tail as a yarn marker and at the end you can use it as a stem (seen the video) -10 sc
Rnd 3. sc in each sc around, -10 sc
Rnd 4. 2 sc together decrease, (5 times) sl st and Fasten off.
Take the Cupcake Top and sew it to the Cupcake bottom. The short edge part of the cupcake bottom you will sew with a yarn needle about an inch of the top to the cupcake top. Sew the center of the frosting shells to the cupcake too. Now you will do this to about 5 of them, but then you need reverse the cupcake top so the other side of the scarf will mirror the other side. (seen the video) Now attach the cherry to the top of the cupcake top with yarn and yarn needle. Leave the yarn marker stem and cut it down to look like a stem. Enjoy~

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Mary Peck said...

What a lovely scarf. I thought I was done with 'Winter' items for this year, but I know my granddaughter needs one of these. Thank you so much for offering your pattern free for us to use. I so appreciate your design and creativity. Oh, Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Crochet Jewel said...

You are Welcome!

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