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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Crochet Heart Motif Tutorial with Video

Crochet Heart Motif Tutorial with Video
Enjoy this Heart Tutorial with Video if you need more assistance. These hearts are great to add to other patterns and projects. I made them with a F Hook and Medium worsted yarn. These cute little hearts measures 1.5" x 1.5". You can create a larger heart with thicker yarn or larger hook size. 
Video Tutorial

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Tr=Treble Crochet
Dc=Double Crochet
Sl st=Slip Stitch
Pink Yarn
F hook
Rnd 1: In Magic Circle, Chain 3, treble crochet in the magic circle, Tr, Tr, Dc, Dc, Dc, Dc, Chain 2, Dc, Dc, Dc, Dc, Tr, Tr, Tr, Pull the Tail Close, Ch 2, sl st the Ch 2 in the center of the Magic Circle Hole, Fasten off and Weave in the ends. 
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