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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Crochet Headband Pattern

I love how this crochet headband turned out with the crossed double crochet stitch. I created this crossed double crochet headband with Impeccable medium worsted yarn with an h hook. This pretty stitch headband is created with a ponytail opening in the back or you can close it with slip stitches. I uploaded a video if you need more help. 

1 Skein of Impeccable Medium Worsted Blue yarn
H hook

dc=double crochet
sl st=slip stitch
Headband Video

Row 1: Chain 19 (Multiples of 2 + 1) so you can make this wider or less wide with your chain count, dc in the 3rd chain from the hook and each chain across. Turn
Row 2: Chain 3, dc in the next stitch, dc in the beginning stitch with ch 3, (that creates the cross dc), *skip next stitch, dc in the next, dc in the skipped stitch, (that creates the cross dc), *Repeat to across, dc in the last stitch. Turn
Rows 3-32: Repeat Row 2 for 31 rows or until it fits snuggly around your head.
Row 33: Chain 3, dc in each stitch across

Ponytail Opening:

Take the two ends together, slip stitch in the next 5, then only slip stitch on one side in the next 8 stitches to keep it open, then take the two ends together and slip stitch to the end. If you don't want the opening for the ponytail you can slip-stitch it closed. 

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