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Monday, April 16, 2018

Free Crochet Wine Cozy Pattern

Free Crochet Wine Cozy Pattern!
This is a fun way to carry your wine glass while you socialize! My wine glass measured 10 inches around. You can use a larger hook for a larger wine glass or smaller hook for a smaller wine glass. 

J Hook
Medium worsted yarn

Click on the yarn to purchase
sc=single crochet
sl st=slip stitch
If your wine is bigger or smaller, go up a hook size for a bigger wine glass or go down for a smaller wine glass. This pattern is done in multiples of 2, so you can add 2 more chains or subtract 2 chains for a smaller wine glass instead of changing the hook size. 
Rnd 1: Ch-20. Join with sl st to first chain, this will create a ring. You will slip this hole over the bottom of the wine glass.
Rnd 2: *ch 4, skip next 2 chs, sc in next ch *Repeat around, Ch 4 and sl st in beg stitch. 
Rnd 3: *ch 3 [sc, ch-3, sc] in the ch-space *Repeat around, ch 3, continue on without a slip stitch. 
Rnds 4–10: *sc once around the first ch-space from previous row, ch3, sc, *ch 3, in the next chain space, work a sc, ch 3, sc,  * Repeat around.

Repeat until desired height is reached.  Don't fasten off and Start the strap. Chain 65, sl st to the other side. I hope you enjoyed this crochet wine cozy pattern! 


gayla said...

What a fun idea!! I think I have a few wine lovers that will adore having one of these. A conversation starter for sure! Thank you for sharing! Happy Holidays & STAY SAFE!

Elise said...

I love making these.Its a huge hit.
How many petals are we supposed to have?

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