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Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Crochet Beanie Hat Tutorial


Crochet Beanie Hat Tutorial!
This crochet two-toned hat is perfect for football games! I used an I hook and medium worsted yarn. This crochet beanie hat tutorial turned out so cute!


hdc=half double crochet

sl st=slip stitch


I hook and medium worsted yarn. I made this for an adult. You can go down a hook size for tighter stitches, but add about 5 chains. If you want to make this for a child go down a hook size but omit about 5 chains on the chain count and have less rows for each color for a child, so perhaps 18 rows of each color but I made this for an adult.

I did 21 rows of yellow and 21 rows of blue. You will want to do a few rows less for a child. I only made this for an adult, so I would recommend doing the one color and the other color separately,  sl st them together just in case you need more or less rows for a child or yourself. 

Rnd 1: I hook, yellow yarn, chain 40 plus 1, Turn

hdc in the 2nd chain from the count. Turn

Rnds 2-21: yellow yarn, ch 1, hdc in each back loop across, Turn *Repeat for 21 rows

Rnds 22-42: with blue yarn, you can color change with your new color or make a new color panel, just in case you need more rows and don't want to redo it all. Then you could sew them together. You want both panels of colors to be equal with the same amount of rows. 

At the end, sl st the colors together to make a tube.

Then take a foot or so of yarn with yarn needle and weave in and out on the top and pull it closed. Weave in your ends on top and throughout the pattern. 

Fasten off. Turn it right side out, to hide the seems. Fold over a cuff of about an inch or so. I hope you enjoyed this crochet beanie hat tutorial!

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