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Sunday, March 13, 2022

Crochet Shrug for Beginners


Crochet Shrug for Beginners

This crochet cardigan is a one size fits all, however you can always add more rows and chains to make this bigger. 

I'm usually a size medium in a women size. This finished cardigan rested a little past my hips. This cardigan neck folds for a collar and rest half way in the front on both sides. This pattern has a lot of room and give to it. This crochet for beginners turned out so cute! 

The length is about 41-42 inches and the width is about 31-32 inches. 

The starting chain is the length of the cardigan and the rows is the width of this pattern. 

With a K hook and medium worsted yarn. I used two and half skeins of yarn. 

Mainstays 5 Oz Sparkle Acyrilic Yarn, 98% Acyrilic 2% 

I did a loose chain of 130 with a K hook. This length is right at my hips. If you want it longer, I would make more chains. Gauge is about 4 stitches per inch. But since it's folded than that 1 inch will be half an inch when you add more chains.

So you could add about 4 chains to add a half inch more than 130 to make it go past your hips or keep it the same chain and hook size. I did a hdc in each stitch, but you could do dc or sc too. You may need more or less rows if you change this type of stitch. The width is around 31 inches so if you change the type of stitch then make sure its around that width unless you want it bigger or smaller. 

Rows 1-59: create a chain of 130 plus 2, work hdc in the second chain from the hook and each chain across. Turn
*Ch 2, hdc in the back loop in the same stitch, hdc in each back loop across, Turn *Repeat, I did 59 rows. 
Fold in half with the stitches going in a vertical position. On both sides, on the top, go down about 8 inches and leave that space open for the arms. Then sew both sides together and leave the 8 inches open and the bottom open. Fasten off and weave in your ends. You will place both your arms in both sleeve holes. The collar will fold automatically on both sides. I hope you enjoyed this crochet shrug for beginners! 

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