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Sunday, April 3, 2022

Crochet Easter Bunny Tutorial: How to make the most beautiful bunny ever!


Free Crochet Egg Pattern!

These cute crochet bunny eggs are so cute for Easter! I used a F hook and medium worsted yarn. The crochet bunny egg measures 4 inches. This free crochet egg pattern turned out so cute! In this crochet Easter bunny tutorial, we'll show you how to make the most beautiful bunny ever! This bunny is perfect for Easter decorations, or even as a gift for someone special!

We'll teach you the basics of crochet, and then guide you through the steps of creating this beautiful bunny. We'll also provide tips and advice on how to make the best bunny ever! So be sure to watch our crochet Easter bunny tutorial now!


sc=single crochet

2sctog=2 single crochet together

sl st=slip stitch


Rnd 1: start with pink yarn, F hook, In magic circle, work 6 sc in the magic circle. sl st

Rnd 2: ch 1, 2 sc in each stitch around, sl st -12 sc

Rnd 3: ch 1, *sc, 2sc in the next stitch, *Repeat around, sl st

Rnd 4: ch 1, *sc next two stitches, 2sc in the next stitch, *Repeat around, sl st

Rnds 5-8: work in continual rounds without a sl st, sc in each stitch around, *Repeat 4 times

Rnd 9: sl st with white yarn, *sc in the next two stitches, 2sctog decrease in the next stitch, *Repeat around, sl st 

*Special Note* You could do the invisible sc2tog decrease so it blends (shown in the video), or you could do 2dctog with pink then switch to white yarn in round 10 instead so it blends.   

Rnds 10-13: work in continual rounds, sc in each stitch around, *Repeat 4 times Stuff your egg with stuffing. 

Rnd 14: *sc, 2sctog decrease, *Repeat around

Rnd 15: sc in each stitch around.

Rnd 16: 2sctog decrease until it closes, about 6 times. Fasten off and Weave in your ends. 

Ears: Make 2, F hook, white yarn

chain 5, sc in the 2nd chain from the hook, sc in the remaining sc, 3 sc in the last chain, don't turn, work on the other side, sc in the remaining chains, sl st

Attach the ears on top side by side. 

Attach plastic eyes below the ears. Sew on the mouth and nose with thread yarn below the eyes, best shown in the video. I hope you enjoyed this free crochet egg pattern!

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