Monday, September 28, 2020

Crochet Pocket Shawl Tutorial


Crochet Pocket Shawl is so cozy for the fall and winter months. I love how soft it feels when I wrap around me and the pockets are so practical. I uploaded a video if you need more help.

In the photo I did chain of 220 and with a K hook. I think I may have gone too long, so if you want it to be shorter I would suggest chain of 200. 

I used 2 Caron Latte Cakes Horizon Blue Yarn.

Width = 18 inches

Length= 78 inches



sl st=slip stitch

dc=double crochet

sc=single crochet

Row 1: I chained 220 or I would suggest 200 so its not too long. 

Row 2: ch 1, hdc in each back loop to the end, Turn

Rows 3-5: Total of 5 rows, ch 1, hdc in each back loop to the end, Turn. *Repeat for 5 rows

Row 6: Ch 2, dc in the same stitch, *skip the next stitch, dc in the next, work a wrap around dc around the previous dc, *Repeat until the end, end with dc at the end. 

Rows 7-28: Repeat Row 6

Rows 29-34: ch 1, hdc in each back loop to the end, Turn

Pockets, K hook, Make two

Row 1: ch 30, work hdc in the 2nd chain from the hook, hdc in each chain across, Turn

Rows 2 -20, *ch 1, hdc in each back loop across, Turn *Repeat for total of 20 rows. 

Take each pocket and sew on each side of the end shawl. Go up to 6-7 inches on the shawl and sew with the vertical rows going up and down. Keep the top open for the pocket and make sure you can reach the pockets. Fasten off and Weave in the ends. 

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