Tuesday, January 27, 2015

How to Crochet a Shell Stitch Hat Pattern Tutorial

I made this crochet shell hat for my toddler. The 6 petal-layered flowers can be fastened on and off from the button so she can wear different colored flowers on her hat. I'll show you how to make a beginner-friendly layered crochet flower. This flower is easy to make and can be customized to suit your needs.  

How to Make a 6 Petal Layered Flower Video

Shell Stitch Hat Tutorial

Abbreviations: ch=chain sc=single crochet dc=double crochet sl st=slip stitch

I used Red Heart Love White, Pink yarn. G Hook, H hook, Yarn needle 1/2" button

toddler-preschooler (12 months-3 yrs), 18"-20" head cir., hat length=7" =H hook

H hook white yarn yarn

I'm switching to a WordPress blog instead of using this Blogger platform for various reasons, so this pattern has been relocated.



J Project said...

I like the two layer flower with clear video directions. Can you tell us how to add a 3rd. layer to the flower?

Unknown said...

Thank you so so so much for explaining in so many different ways! As a beginner it really helps me to see a video of the pattern as I read it & I absolutely love your patterns!! (:

Unknown said...

I did a thrid layer with 6 cjains around with the bp sl st, then s sl st, vhain 2, dc, 5 treble st, dc, chain 2, and sl st in ea h chain loop.

Bea said...

I would like to make this pattern for my daughter and her two girls. However the instructions shown are only for 12mos-3yrs. Where can I find instructions for those sizes? Thank you.

Bea Connor

amyscrochetpatterns said...

see the box above with a list of hook sizes for different ages, so if its for an adult then check the box above which is a J hook and follow the pattern the same way and then check what age for your child which maybe a H hook.

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